2020 interactive smart touch led display panels for education

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Самы папулярны памер. Магутныя функцыі навучання праграмнага забеспячэння робяць клас больш не сумна.

  • FOB Кошт: US $ 0,5 - 9,999 / шт
  • Min.Order Колькасць: 100 шт / шт
  • Магчымасць пастаўкі: 10000 шт / штук у месяц
  • Падрабязнасці па прадукту


    падсвятленне LED
    Памер экрана (па дыяганалі) 75"
    Актыўная вобласць (мм) 1650,24 (Н) x928.26 (V),
    суадносіны бакоў 16: 9
    Дынамічны каэфіцыент кантраснасці 4000: 1
    дазвол 3840*2160(4K)
    колеру 1,07 мільярда кветак
    яркасць 350cd / м2
    AV Inputs / Outputs  Front Side: VGA IN*1,AUDIO IN *1,TV USB,PC USB*1,HDMI IN*1,TOUCH*1(USB 2.0 B type)Rear Side:TOUCH USB*1(USB 2.0 B type),EARPHONE*1, HDMI OUT*1,RJ45*1,AV OUT*1,AV IN *1,YPBPR*1,VAG IN*1,VGA AUDIO IN*1,RS232*1,HDMI IN*2,TF card*1, USB*2(USB 3.0 A type),SPDIF OUT*1
    Выхады (гучнагаварыцелі) 10W х 2 
    насценны кранштэйны ДА
    уваходнае напружанне 100-240В
    Спажываная магутнасць Maximun <200W
    Eco <75Вт
    Рэжым чакання <0,5 Вт
    сэнсарнай панэлі
    паверхню шкла Загартаванае шкло (з антыблікавым пакрыццём для варыянту)
    тэхналогія інфрачырвоны
    HID падтрымка ды
    падтрымліваецца Touces Windows 20 points, Android 10 points touch
    даць інструменты Ручка або палец
    дазвол 32767 * 32767
    Respinse Час 7мс
    хуткасць курсора 125points / с
    дакладнасць 1мм
    інтэрфейс падлучэння USB
    Пярэдняя бок порта ўводу / вываду ДА
    кнопка пярэдняй  Сіла, крыніца, меню, Home, Eco, Volume +, тым -, OPS харчавання
    Wi-Fi інтэграваны
    Android System Android 8.0, CPU:Dual-core A73 and dual-core A53 ,1.5GHz,GPU:Quad-core MaliT51MP, RAM 4G DDR3, Flash 16GB built-in.
    Убудаваны дынамік пазіцыі наперад
    OPS Slot ды
    Здымны ІЧ-кадр ды
    Белая дошка Праграмнае забеспячэнне ды
    Група Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours
    аксэсуары ПА і кіраўніцтва, IWB ручка без чарнілаў 2pcs, пульт дыстанцыйнага кіравання, 1,5 м Кабель харчавання.
    Памер блока (мм) 1265 * 764 * 109
    Памер ўпакоўкі (мм) 1360 * 875 * 185
    Вага нета (кг) 60
    Вага брута (кг ± 2) 76
    УОП (дадаткова)
    Набор мікрасхем CPU  Interl H81 Intel Core i5
    RAM DDR31333Mhz 4G (падтрымка Макс да 8G)
    SSD 128G
    Graphica Інтэр HD відэа
    бесправадной падтрымка Wi-Fi
    інтэрфейс USB 2.0 * 4, 2 * USB3.0, VGA * 1, HDMI * 1, RJ45 × 1, WiFi антэна * 2, навушнікі OUT * 1, MIC-IN * 1, * 1 магутнасць
    OS Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / VISTAL / Linux UNIX / Windows 8.1 (X86) / Windows 10 (Неабавязкова)

    product description:
    From the whiteboard to the PPT projection, and then to the use of touch one machine, with the emergence of mobile devices and smart terminals, the conference has realized the transition from "paper" to "screen", and the carrier of information and inspiration will be more transformed into Presented through the "screen". The conference scene will only be upgraded, and the superposition of more and more new technologies will make the conference communication more efficient and intelligent. The appearance of the touch-control all-in-one machine solves the pain points such as "disordered wiring and inability to interact" in the traditional conference system, breaks the single-function product logic, and integrates high-quality display, touch writing, wireless screen transmission and other functions in one, suitable for all types of Conference, training and other scenes.
    Simple design: 75-inch LCD multi-touch all-in-one machine has multi-point infrared touch function, fast response, anti-glare, drive-free, plug-and-play excellent performance, can very smoothly support handwriting recognition input. The design is simple and atmospheric, more beautiful, cost-effective, supports wall-mounted installation and floor-mounted installation, easy installation, rich maintenance doors, easy maintenance and convenient industrial-grade parts, better heat dissipation, lower power consumption, metal front frame design, fine Workmanship, humanized detail design.
    High-definition picture quality: 75-inch LCD multi-touch all-in-one machine adopts full high-definition (1920*1080) LCD panel, with 178-degree viewing angle, high contrast and brightness, 3D digital noise reduction, intelligently eliminates residual image, ghosting and other distortion phenomena, Makes the display screen clearer, more stable, and more vivid colors.
    Smart conference: 75-inch LCD multi-point conference touch all-in-one machine can realize real-time interactive conference, smooth writing, convenient erasing, timely annotation and other functions, easily operate Word, execl, ppt and other documents, play company annual reports, or display The company recorded video. The 98-inch video conference touch-control all-in-one machine can realize wireless screen transmission, wireless control is easy and convenient, multi-screen control wireless storage, real-time shooting and simultaneous screen transmission, real-time interaction of multiple people on the same screen, meeting content scanning and taking away functions.
    Dual system: The 75-inch LCD multi-point conference touch all-in-one machine uses the latest micro-architecture Intel full series of high-performance processors, which allows the system to run continuously and stably, further exerting the powerful performance of the all-in-one machine, and supports Android and windows dual system switching. Built-in Android system, pluggable OPS computer supports various configurations of windows, the system can be switched at will to meet the needs of various conference systems, plug-in computer modules, without disassembling integrated equipment, make the overall layout beautiful, convenient after-sales maintenance, reduce To reduce logistics and labor costs; the high-performance central control panel has an independent control menu for each itemized device, making meeting operations more convenient and fast.

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