Smart blackboard

Smart Education Blackboard with all in one functions, combined traditional blackboard and interactive flat panel

Product Features

With high-definition display, touch operation application, blackboard writing teaching function in one; built-in Android, windows system, can meet the use of different application software for teaching; pure flat writing blackboard, suitable for chalk, dust-free chalk, oily chalk writing, suitable for different environmental applications Design can be flipped to make maintenance easier; touch to switch between writing blackboard and screen display allows teachers to quickly switch between teaching applications; purely flat appearance, which solves the disadvantages of the bulky and complicated structure of traditional sliding blackboards, greatly improving the teacher's experience of teaching and Demo effect.






Touch function

² Support 10-point Android system, PC device touch operation;² Support image enlargement, reduction and rotation;² After switching each signal source, the touch function is available;² Under the display status of each signal source, the commonly used application functions can be quickly called through the floating shortcut menu ((image)), and the operation functions such as the return key, homepage, etc. can be realized;² The homepage is designed with media courseware, browsers, electronic manuals, whiteboard teaching, teaching resources, all applications, settings and other shortcut menus. You can add shortcuts to the floating ball menu according to personal preferences.² A shortcut menu is set on the left side of the homepage, and users can add application functions by themselves;² There are touch function keys below the main screen: v-, v +, eco, homepage, signal source, pc, power switch;² The homepage preview channel can be set to a quad screen display.






Other functions

 ² Timing switch, shutdown memory channel function, multiple signal source selection;

² Support dual systems: realize seamless switching between multiple systems of Android and Windows systems;

² Support F1-F12 function keys and Alt + F4, Alt + Tab, Space, Enter, windows and other shortcut keys commonly used in TV remote control functions and computer keyboards. One-click energy saving and other functions;

² Support clicking any signal source on the main page of the system to preview the channel image function;

² Below the main screen, there are interfaces such as hdmi, usb3.0, usb2.0 (2), usb touch, etc., and the corresponding silk screen of tempered glass ribbon is convenient for users to use;

² Support wireless wifi, wired LAN, you can browse the web and play online videos;

² Support one-key child lock, automatically identify signal source and switch channels;

² The floating shortcut menu can be added by users, and can be dragged to any position on the display screen at the same time;

² dtv, atv cable TV viewing function;

² usb multimedia file playback function (supports multiple file formats);

² Supports dual-stream decoding of 3d content.

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1. Machine characteristics

Shell and appearance Aluminum frame corner block design, front buttons, front ports, front speakers
Overall dimensions l * w * d 4253.2 * 1250 * 98.5 mm (excluding wall mount, the thinnest part is 19mm)
Machine consumption rate ≤390w (excluding ops, ops maximum power support ≤100w)
Standby power ≤0.5W
voltage range AC(100-240)V-50/60HZ
net weight 97.2kg
Бруто тежина 127.5kg
Packing size (outer size) Main screen: 2110 * 240 * 1370 (sky and earth cover)Sub board: 1222.5 * 282 * 1340 (sky and earth cover)

2. System parameters

processor MSD648 Cortex A53 quad-core 1.5GHz
system Android 6.0 Embedded systems
storage 8GB
External storage SD card up to 128G (Fat 32 format)


Input port (in)

Ypbpr port: 1 group (3 in 1 port)
av port: 1 group (3 in 1 port)
vga port: 1 group
Audio port: 1 group
hdmi port: 2 groups
 Output port (out) spdif port: 1 group
Earphone: 1 set

  av port: 1 group (3 in 1 port)


Other ports (in / out)

rj45 / lan port: 1 group
Touch USB port: 1 group
rs232 port: 1 group
USB2.0: 2 teams
TF Reader: 1 set
Lower port  hdmi, usb3.0, usb2.0 (2), usb touch
WIFI stand by

 3. Display parameters

Display size 86 inches (16: 9)
Display type led LCD display
Screen display size 1896 (W) × 1067 (H) mm
Physical resolution 3840(H)×2160(V)(UHD)
Display color 8bit,1.07B
Refresh rate 60HZ
brightness Center point 300-350 cd / ㎡
Contrast ≥1200:1(Typ.)
Brightness uniformity >72%
Response time 8ms
ugao гледања 178°
Display protection 4mm fully tempered high explosion-proof glass
Backlight life 50000 hours

4. TV parameters

Image format PAL/SECAM/NTSC
Sound system BG /DK /I/L
Channel save 200
decoding 3d digital comb filter, 3d image motion noise reduction, 3d motion adaptive comb filter, etc.
Speaker specifications 15W /8Ω *2
Audio characteristics Balance, automatic volume control, surround sound, equalizer

5.Touch parameters

Touch embedding method Built-in integrated, non-plug-in type
Touch sensing technology Infrared induction positioning recognition touch technology (10 points, conference whiteboard supports single point), hid free drive
Notation Fingers, stylus or other non-transparent objects with a diameter of at least 5mm
positioning accuracy More than 90% of the touch area is ± 2mm
Reaction time <8ms
Communication Interface type a usb male
Touch resolution 32767 * 32767
Touches Unlimited times
transfer speed 120Mbps
driver Automatic recognition by the system
operating system Support windows7 / 10, Android, Mac OS, Linux
Operating temperature -10~+40 ℃


7.Machine size chart Unit: mm

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8.Product physical map

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